100% Genuine Singer Sewing Machine Oil Super Quality 125ml Bottle + Free Threader

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100% Genuine Singer Sewing Machine Oil Super Quality 125ml Bottle + Free Threader

100% Genuine Singer Sewing Machine Oil Super Quality 125ml Bottle + Free Threader

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Always consult your machine’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations on maintenance intervals.

Test sew a sample, using alight coloured cottonfabric,cotton thread and a new needle. Test sew a few stitch lines forwards and in reverse,andlookout for any oil stains on the fabric. There should be no oil contamination on the fabric. Some sewing machines are self lubricating;this is not to say the machine does not need maintenance or oiling. To disassemble a computerised machine for internal lubrication, is a little beyond this tutorial and best left to us experts and trained engineers in our workshop. In other words, to do a good job at oiling your sewing machine, you have to remember to oil all of the important parts. Otherwise, it won’t do you any good to oil the machine because you need to oil it properly for the process to be effective.Apply a small amount to each surface where metal meets metal: top of the free arm (it rotates), feed dog, thread tension discs, side plate screws, needle threader slot, etc.

It is important to note that using the wrong type of oil on your Singer sewing machine can void its warranty and cause irreversible damage. Therefore, it is always best to use the recommended light sewing machine oil for optimal performance and longevity. What Parts to Oil on a Singer Sewing Machine Apply oil to any other metal surface that touches another piece of metal (e.g., needle plate screws, side plates). The first thing to do is remove the needle plate, and you have to turn the handwheel to remove the needle plate. You should clean your parts before oiling a Singer Sewing Machine. This will make sure that you are not re-applying old, dirt, and dust particles which can cause problems for the performance of your machine over time. It’s important to use warm water only as it contains less abrasive materials than soap or other household cleaners. First clean the machine, remove allfabric lint and thread ends. Use a lint brush and a clean cloth.Expert Vigilance: When you delve into other moving parts, use a flashlight or direct light source to scrutinize these components. Do not buy other kinds of oil as it may destroy the entire unit, so the safest choice is to get the sewing machine oil. While oiling, do not use too much oil as it is always better to start with a few drops. In the bobbin area, start by removing the bobbin from its case. This simple step grants you access to the inner components of your Singer sewing machine. Once the bobbin is out, the next crucial step is to apply a small drop of sewing machine oil to the bottom of the hook race. This circular region is where the bobbin finds its place and rotates, playing a pivotal role in the intricate process of stitch formation. Properly lubricating the hook race ensures smooth and precise stitching, making it a fundamental aspect of sewing machine maintenance. Cleaning your machine is the first step to do before you begin with oiling. If it is not cleaned, lubrication won’t be proper.

And, it depends on your machine model after how much time you should oil your sewing machine. Some sewing machines do not require regular maintenance while some do require proper oiling and maintenance for their smooth functioning. Choose the best oiling utensil Proper lubrication is essential for maintaining the performance and longevity of your Singer sewing machine. Regular oiling helps to reduce friction, prevent rust, and keep the machine running smoothly. Here are some useful tips to ensure that you oil your Singer sewing machine correctly: Refer to Your Instruction Manual Allow the machine to run for a few minutes with the handwheel turned so that all surfaces are covered evenly by oil and can be properly lubricated. Follow the process, and after it’s done, do not forget to replace the needle as it helps in doing the work quite well and faster. After oiling, make sure you have assembled all the parts properly.Expert Tip: While the bobbin is out, take a moment to inspect the bobbin area for any accumulated lint or debris. Clean it if necessary to ensure optimal sewing machine performance. Open the hinged cover, and you will see the screwdriver that comes with your machine. Unscrew all the screws by using it that holds the needle, and the manual booklet will provide you information about how you should oil. Observe the hook, the hook race guard, and the race itself, which houses the bobbin and plays a pivotal role in stitch formation.

It is advised to use cotton or a lint-free cloth for your Singer sewing machine. The cloth should be small enough so that you can easily wipe the area of application. It’s also helpful to have an old toothbrush on hand in case any dirt has accumulated around the needle plate and feed dog area. This will help you to get into those tight corners and loosen up any dirt that may be clogging the oiling hole on the machine. It takes a long time for the oil to penetrate and soak into all parts of your sewing machine, so you will not see any immediate results after applying. Oiling your sewing machine can be big trouble unless you are aware of the process. Oiling and cleaning the machine on time will make it more effective and productive. Light sewing machine oil is lightweight and non-greasy, allowing it to easily penetrate and lubricate the small components of the machine. It helps reduce friction and wear, ensuring smooth operation and extending the lifespan of your Singer sewing machine. Avoid Using Household Oils Expert Tip: Fold the lint-free cloth into a small, manageable size. A quarter-fold or even smaller should suffice.Before you oil your sewing machine, it has to be perfectly clean. To get started, always turn the sewing machine off before you do any cleaning. Remove as many parts as possible, including the needles, bobbins, presser feet, and more. You can use items such as dry cloths, dust sprays, tweezers, and lint brushes to clean the parts, with the tweezers being used for those hard-to-reach places. Apply a small amount (one drop) on each hook at the top of your machine’s bobbin case, working it in with your fingers until all surfaces are covered evenly. Properly oiling your Singer sewing machine is crucial for maintaining its optimal performance. By lubricating the right parts, you can ensure smooth operation and prevent unnecessary wear and tear. Here are the key areas to focus on when oiling your Singer sewing machine: Shuttle and Bobbin Area

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