Axiom's End: 1 (Noumena)

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Axiom's End: 1 (Noumena)

Axiom's End: 1 (Noumena)

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I spent much of the rest of that night and the day after thinking about this, considering why this story connected with me so much, about why I came to care about Ampersand to the point of desperately wanting to read more about him. But in becoming an interpreter, she begins to realize that she has become the voice for a being she cannot ever truly know or understand, and starts to question who she's speaking for - and what future she's setting up for all of humanity. The story is told from Cora's POV, and I commend the author for making her likeable, relatable, and interesting. Ampersand notes that, within a few centuries, the amygdaline race will likely attempt genocide against humanity as well. Obelus threatens to unleash a pandemic on Earth to slow humanity's technological development; this would presumably be a Class 1 or Class 2.

An alternate history first contact adventure set in the early 2000's, pitched as Arrival meets The Three-Body Problem , by video essayist and New York Times bestselling author Lindsay Ellis. Polite Villains, Rude Heroes: Obelus has his final confrontation with Ampersand in English, claiming it would be rude to speak before Cora in indecipherable Pequod-phonemic; Ampersand, who would rather insulate Cora from the bloodier history and politics of his species, stubbornly sticks to the latter. Cora awakes in a hospital, attended to by her mother and siblings, who have been released from government custody after Nils publicizes their abduction.

Add on to this Cora's difficulty with having recently moved back home with her mother, and her trouble keeping a job, and we meet a woman who's dealing with a lot. Ellis handles these exciting questions about humanity, personhood, communication, expression, and our place in the universe, with exceptional wit and empathy. The way that Lindsay describes him makes him so inhuman, more akin to combination of animal and machine; or as she described in my interview with her, a mix of the Xenomorph and Eva from Wall-E. Kaveh is killed, and is seen as an evil Muslim / alien sympathizer by most of the country for no specific reason. Cora and Ampersand argue over cultural differences between humans and amygdalines, and Cora storms off.

It's built up throughout the book as something he had to do for the greater good, but it's ultimately subverted. Even at a distance of a couple of feet, his eagerness, his overfamiliarity, felt like a violation of her personal space. Once Demi had dropped her off at the Kaiser building downtown, Cora tried not to think about the Town Car, trudging through four hours of mind-numbing data entry during which, owing to company policy, she was not allowed any internet access.I was so hurt that this creature I'd fallen in love with alongside Cora could have been evil this whole time that when this is proven to be false I was so unbelievably happy. S. government might have engaged in first contact has sent the country into turmoil, and it is all Cora Sabino can do to avoid the whole mess. Cora finds herself struggling for food, water, and clothing for most of the month or so the novel takes place over, let alone higher needs. Upon meeting with Cora, Ampersand heals her wounds, makes amends, then urges her to leave him for her own safety.

Accidental Kidnapping: After Ampersand fails to pilot Cora into Google's server room, he gets knocked out by an EMP, which Cora mistakes for death. His sister eventually reveals that the one time he was nice to her was because he was trying to sleep with her best friend, Cora's mother Demi, and his final memo confirms that he doesn't care at all about his family's well-being unless it directly impacts his fame and profits. Whilst these are important questions, and ones that the book does address, this isn't what the book meant to me, or what I really took away from it. I feel like if I knew I was being spied on or phone tapped or followed, I wouldn’t even know how to function.Until an asteroid strikes down near Los Angeles in the exact same spot that an earlier asteroid which caused the conspiracy to begin with. I saw this alien creature that at times made me think of an insect, at others he was quite feline, or even deer-like. No Historical Figures Were Harmed: According to Ellis, Nils Ortega is functionally based on Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, although his personality is not.

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