DCTattoo 1.6mm (14g) Premium Sterile Cannula Needle Piercing Kit for Belly Button Navel Piercing. Kit Includes Light Green CZ Gem Belly Bar Piece of Jewellery

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DCTattoo 1.6mm (14g) Premium Sterile Cannula Needle Piercing Kit for Belly Button Navel Piercing. Kit Includes Light Green CZ Gem Belly Bar Piece of Jewellery

DCTattoo 1.6mm (14g) Premium Sterile Cannula Needle Piercing Kit for Belly Button Navel Piercing. Kit Includes Light Green CZ Gem Belly Bar Piece of Jewellery

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Allergic reaction: If the skin around your piercing is consistently and noticeably red, irritated, and itchy, you may be having an allergic reaction. He runs an educational YouTube channel specializing in sharing expert body piercings and tattoo information.

com, the Sell on Etsy app, and the Etsy app, as well as the electricity that powers Etsy’s global offices and employees working remotely from home in the US. Jewellery Material – piercing materials differ not only through their look but also how they could react to your skin. Your body’s natural reaction to any piercing is to produce lymph, which is a fluid that often dries to a whitish crust. Relieving the excess pressure caused by a tight piercing is the only way to resolve hypergranulation. During the day, you can spritz or rinse your navel piercing regularly with a saline wash, like Recovery Saline Solution .Look for general tidiness and watch the artists to make sure that they wear sterile gloves and use sterile solutions on the skin. Whichever way you get your piercing, care for it by soaking the area in warm saline solution for 5-10 minutes every day, then blotting the piercing with sterile gauze and rinsing with cool water. Reversed navel rings are no different than normal rings except for the location of the decorative part of the ring.

This needle has a hollow center, which will allow you to easily insert the belly button ring once you have pushed the needle through. Our guide/FAQ covers everything from what to expect before (and after) you get pierced, as well as how to how to choose the best belly button ring. The only limitation to how many piercings you can get during one session depends on how much pain you can tolerate. Be prepared to show your ID, since in most places you must be at least 16 to get a body piercing without a parent’s consent. I'd suggest that she removes it so it can heal on the promise that she can have it done properly when it's healed nicely.Gold Belly Button Rings : Our gold belly button rings are made from solid, 14-karat yellow or white gold. Anyway, thankfully they are moving away very soon, so I'm hoping there will be a natural end to this friendship. These 4 or 5-star reviews represent the opinions of the individuals who posted them and do not reflect the views of Etsy. If you are using rubbing alcohol, it's important to use one with a concentration of above 70% isopropanol, to achieve the necessary level of disinfection.

Squeeze a pearl-sized drop of soap onto the piercing and gently rub the piercing and jewelry with your fingers. We hope this guide answered your questions and helped you better understand belly button piercings, the belly button piercing healing process, and the types of jewelry you can wear with a belly button piercing. These fun navel rings feature charms that overlay your belly button and bent barbells that go through your belly piercing from the top down, with the ball screwing on the bottom behind the charm. If your piercing does get infected (continuous redness, extreme pain, pus and maybe fever) do not take out the piercing.Titanium is an extremely “inert” material, meaning that it’s the least unlikely to cause a bad reaction. Most likely, a curved piercing needle will be used and will be followed by a bent barbell or possibly a captive bead ring . You should do full sea salt solution soaks 2-3 times a day and mist your piercing with aftercare spray 3–6 times a day until the infection clears up.

There is a slightly higher chance that you may get a belly button piercing infection, compared to other piercing locations because of the amount of time this piercing takes to heal. If this happens to you then you must see your piercing artist as soon as possible and tell them that you need a larger piercing. Keloids present as smooth-surfaced, bulbous, and reddish scars that grow excessively past the area immediately surrounding a piercing.These types of rings are usually made out of a synthetic material that you can adjust as you get further along in your pregnancy. Allow warm water to run over your piercing when you shower (but don’t scrub your navel piercing with soap; letting sudsy water run over the piercing is fine). You should wait until your piercing is fully healed before beginning either of these treatments, though, since they could clog your healing fistula. The purpose of spraying/spritzing is to keep the piercing hole clean of dirt/debris (as well as ensure the surrounding skin is hydrated). In the past, piercers used to tell people to turn their jewelry a couple of times a day to loosen up crusties, but that’s no longer considered a healthy practice.

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