Imperium: From the Sunday Times bestselling author (Cicero Trilogy, 4)

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Imperium: From the Sunday Times bestselling author (Cicero Trilogy, 4)

Imperium: From the Sunday Times bestselling author (Cicero Trilogy, 4)

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It is a fictional biography of Cicero, told through the first-person narrator of his secretary Tiro, beginning with the prosecution of Gaius Verres. As a student, Cicero studied under Appolonius Molon, learning Greek philosophy and poetry, the importance of a healthy diet and exercise, and the art of speaking eloquently and forcefully, the art of making one’s self heard and remembered. Both are grippingly brought to life with wonderful human touches such as the great military leader, but oratorical klutz, Pompey stumbling through his first Senate speech with a a "bluffer's guide to procedure written out for him by the famous scholar Varro". Through the life of Cicero, Harris explores themes of power, integrity, and the fragile nature of democracy, themes that resonate just as strongly today as they did over two thousand years ago. Harris has written a novel that combines a good political potboiler with solid historical fiction, based on real events in the life of the famous Roman senator and consul Cicero.

Even if there isn’t much room in this kind of narrative for atmosphere, Harris managed to make what can sound a bit dull (preparing a corruption trial and campaigning for the senate elections) pretty riveting – even if I already knew how the story unfolded. La verdad, nunca hubiera sospechado que podría llegar a escribirse no una novela, sino toda una trilogía, sobre la vida de Cicerón, y que el resultado no sería un tostón sino todo lo contrario. This story is written through the eyes and voice of Tiro, Senator Cicero's confidential secretary, and this Tiro by inviting a stranger into the house of his master he will set in motion a series of events that will propel his master into instant fame and glory. I also found the characters and the narrative compelling enough that I will likely continue on with the series to see what happens next. Esta, en concreto, se divide en dos partes, la primera hasta su elección como edil, y la segunda hasta su nombramiento como cónsul.Moreover, Harris's Cicero is a brilliantly realized character - a man of great intellect and eloquence, yet filled with doubts and vulnerabilities. It's context is NOT defined in language of 21st century emotive, declarative, or relative culture or morality. As his private secretary, Tiro went everywhere with Cicero, and tells the story of his master’s investigation in Sicily, complicated political games and agile legal work in great detail. Para lograr convertirse en el gran abogado del pueblo de Roma es capaz de llevar a juicio a un gobernador por corrupción en uno de los casos más importantes de su tiempo, que es lo que ocupa el primer tercio de la novela. Un homine novo, que venía a significar un recién llegado del pueblo llano, un hidalgo de provincias que ascendió a lo más alto gracias a su retórica, su conocimiento del derecho romano y las intrincadas y complejas relaciones humanas y la caprichosa naturaleza del poder.

The best parts of this book were when Cicero was outmaneuvering his rivals either with clever planning, or clever speeches. I was listening to the radio one morning and the presenter was interviewing Robert Harris on the subject of his new book the concluding part of a Trilogy about the man known to eternity as Chickpea - or Cicero perhaps with a bit of luck, if the gods of Technology smile upon us you can hear for yourself. In fact, Cicero's wife was so hard-nosed and autocratic, I was surprised when half way through the book she has a thirtieth birthday.Me hice con este libro a raíz de la excelente reseña que Labijose le otorgo y la aún más sorprendente pésima opinión que les merece al resto de reseñistas habituales. He was appalled when Pompey pressured him to support Pompey's own attempt at wresting control of the empire from the aristocrats of the senate (years before the civil war with Caesar) with his campaign for the award of sweeping powers to eliminate an upsurge in pirate activity. Harris's portrayal of Cicero is not just that of a political figure, but of a man driven by ambition, yet bound by moral integrity. With only ten days to go until the games of Pompey the Great, Cicero follows Terentia's advice and makes a short, withering speech saying he will make his case in the space of ten days. He took on a risky case against Verres, the corrupt former governor of Sicily on behalf of the island's citizens.

Against all odds, he wins and this propels him to greater battles with the criminal patrician senators and generals.Harris was of the opinion that we need "more politicians like Cicero rather than Caesar" - a view you will certainly agree with if you are Gaulish, and that he thought that "Winston Churchill was as close as we've got in a long time" to having a Cicero type in British politics - having read the first part of the trilogy I find that an unusually bleak evaluation of Churchill for somebody in British public life to make, and when asked if Britain is in want of another Cicero type politician Harris' answer was "definitely".

This book covers the last fifteen years of Cicero's life, a period marked by personal and political turmoil. I suspect that, in addition to my general interest in fiction set in ancient Rome, is what first landed Imperium on my to-read list. But the path to becoming the famous orator we now know is strewn with dangerous men who would see a high-minded lawyer dead in a ditch to get what they want. For example, Crassus, bringing his army back to Rome, crucified 6000 prisoners, slaves, along more than 300 miles of the Appian way, spacing he crosses about 17 to the mile, as a warning to any future Spartacus who might wish to revolt against the imperium.Told by Cicero's former house slave and secretary, Tiro, it maintains a distance to the characters that I prefer in Historical Fiction.

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