WD 3 TB My Passport Wireless Pro, Black

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WD 3 TB My Passport Wireless Pro, Black

WD 3 TB My Passport Wireless Pro, Black

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WD isn’t the only company to offer self-contained storage solutions designed to operate without a laptop. This essentially means that if you use other type of media such as XQD, CFast or SD UHS-II, you will be stuck with unbelievably slow transfer rates! So, if you want it the WD My Passport Wireless SSD does give the ability to edit RAW files while travelling without the need for a laptop. For a laptop user, having a built-in SSD with an SD card slot would be sufficient, since power could be provided through the USB port. Lastly, if I were to do this in the field without access to WiFi, trying to copy anything from the cloud would eat up quite a bit of data.

If you find yourself wanting to sync up your data to the cloud via Dropbox or some other service, your best bet would be to connect the drive directly to your computer, then configure your desktop client to sync with the folders on the device. If you’re looking for a simple way to backup and stream your media whilst on the go, this WD My Passport Wireless SSD Review is for you. Sometimes I have my laptop with me at the end of a wedding day, but find that trying to start my backup process with it is inconvenient whilst on the move.

Within here you’ll find folders labeled by date, and within these, folders labeled by time, and finally within those, a folder with the card identification name which itself contains the actual backup itself. Simply removing and re-inserting the card worked out, but it is certainly something you should keep in mind, especially if you have the “Automatic Import” option enabled. The fact that it’s a flash drive does make it more expensive than a spinning hard drive but for me it’s worth it as I know it will survive a lot of the bumps my hard drives are often subject to, as well as lasting longer.

One of the features of the WD My Passport Wireless SSD is ability to install cloud services from different providers to the WD My Cloud app. If you’re connecting directly to the drive, say in the field, then you’ll need to browse the available Wifi networks with your device and choose the drive’s 2. To conclude, it takes a while to know whether the My Passport Wireless SSD is something you actually need, or just a product that’s providing a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. If you like to edit and share multiple photos via your smart phone and tablet, the wireless functionality of this product can help. The one-touch copy button lets you back up photos and videos with the built in SD card reader or the integrated USB port without a laptop or software.

I've previously managed back up with an iPad (to the device and thence to the cloud if there's adequate wifi) but now I find myself doing more bird photography and taking more bursts, the iPad struggles a bit. Just switch it on and connect to its Wifi with multiple devices to collaborate on a project or simply share files. In truth a pair of pants can weigh more than a laptop, so one fewer makes room, though I usually have no trouble with room in the photo backpack I carry on board as my “personal item”. Well, essentially it’s a portable solid state hard drive with a slot where an SD card can be plugged in, and with the touch of a button backed up onto the drive with no need for a laptop, so it can be backed up in the field, in the airport, or anywhere.

The benefit of connecting to the My Passport Wireless SSD over Wifi is being able to treat the drive like a wireless NAS, a storage volume accessible by multiple devices simultaneously. See some notes below on abysmal transfer rates when using an external memory card reader…it is pretty bad! It is a solid, rugged device that can withstand occasional bumps and drops; it is capable of doing very fast data transfers as a portable storage device, thanks to its SSD storage; its built-in SD card reader can transfer files from SD cards very quickly; its battery lasts a long time and can be used as a power brick to charge up other devices, and the WD My Cloud app works fairly well on iOS devices and is capable of previewing RAW files from many different cameras. Above: One on side of the drive you’ll find a spring-loaded SD slot which like those in camera bodies will swallow a card whole without any portion sticking out; push it in and it’ll spring out sufficiently for you to grab it. The cards take up little space, weight almost nothing, and you don’t need to keep a battery charged.Speaking of USB ports, I was disappointed that Western Digital is still pushing standard USB Type A and micro USB ports when the whole world has been transitioning towards USB Type C. These are generally designed to connect to phones, tablets and in some instances computers, but rarely direct to storage devices.

Above: BlackMagic’s Disk Speed Test running on a Mac measuring the speed of the WD My Passport Wireless SSD using a cabled USB connection, left, and a wireless connection, right. In practice it all works too, making it an ideal device for anyone who wants the security of easy backup in the field without having to carry a laptop all the time. By default you’ll need to put any content you’d like to stream into these standard folders, but it’s possible to scan for more content or alternatively install the more capable Plex server and instruct it to serve-up content from multiple folders including the SD Card Imports.It features a powerful 6,700 mAh battery that can be used to either power up the device (with up to 10 hours of continuous use), or to function as a power bank to provide charging to other devices such as smartphones and tablets. They have unfortunately disabled it's ability, to be part of a cloud system following this generation of WD outdated security. If this new backup took place on the same day as a previous one, then this new time-stamped folder will be nestled within the existing date folder. Of course you could alternatively use a computer to browse, sort and edit the files whether on the road or back at base, and if you’re dealing with a lot of data you’ll almost certainly be connecting the drive over USB 3 to a computer at some point simply to get photos or videos off it in a timely fashion.

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